{ Happy checkerboard quilt finished / Un quilt tout beau tout fini! }

vendredi 25 octobre 2013

 I finished to bind this beauty yesterday night!
I love its soft feel: It has a 100% cotton batting that is so soft inside.

I am in love with the patchwork binding I chose to make:


and the happy borders made out of fabric from Riley Blake Little Red Hood collection:

The back is made of this Little red Hood Mushroom fabric and a strip of patchwork squares left over from the front:


The front is a mixture of my favorite prints: alternating bright colors and low volume 2.5 " squares alternating to create a happy chekerboard design.

I quilted using coton thread and vertical straight lines. I added one horizontal line to create 2 big rectangles in the back. I also quilted along the seam of the borders.
The finished size is 62" x40"

This quilt has been added to my Etsy shop.

Well that's al for me today!
have a great day

bonjour mais francophones!
le voici enfin fini ce quilt si doux et si coloré!
100% coton, du tissus, au fil, en passant par le molleton qui le rend si doux!

Le biais est composé de plusieurs morceaux . Le dos est fait dans cet adorable tissu champignon et j'y ai ajouté plusieurs bandes de carrés qui me restaient du devant. La taille des carrés est de 6,35 cm . 
Je les ai matelassés avec des lignes droites verticales.
sa taille finale est : 158 x 102cms
Ce quilt a été ajouté à ma boutique. 

merci de votre visite!
bonne fin de semaine

5 commentaires:

  1. it is just lovely , I adore your mix of patterns and colours!

  2. Wow, so beautiful!! I love the patterns you chose. I always am intrigued with your work, Sophie! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog this morning!

  3. (P.S. I love to quilt too! Haven't done so in a long time, but hopefully when I get my scrap room set up, I'll be more organized to work on other things. I miss it!)

    1. thank you Danielle for your visit! I hope you do get some time to patchwork too: I find it very relaxing compared to scrapbooking that always asks for the perfect design!!:)


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