dimanche 10 février 2013

 Last week , although I was feeling really bad with all that flue bug, I did manage to make this "Donkeyskin" costume for my girl: Donkeyskin is a princess who inherits a magic donkey skin and finds true love thanks to this skin.
It is the first time I sew a costume and to be honest there were hair EVERY WHERE in the house for DAYS , and the costume is not perfect (a bit too long) but my girl loves it so much it makes my heart smile!

La semaine dernière, malgré le fait que je me sentais très mal,j'ai eu un jour de répit où je me suis sentie mieux, et  j'ai réussi à coudre ce costume de Peau D’Âne pour ma fille: honnêtement ce fut un "cauchemar-poils" dans la maison et le costume est tout à fait imparfait mais ma fille est si belle dedans!

Thank God I had my little helper, in the person of Spiderman himself:
Heureusement j'ai eu un assistant personnel: Spiderman lui-même!!:

 I found the pattern in this book :
j'ai trouvé le patron dans ce livre: 

 I love how soft she looks in it:

 Well, I hope you are having a great sunday.
WE finally manages to kill all our bugs and to feel better this wee-end!it feels good to be able to do things again!


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