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mardi 14 juin 2011

hello friends!!

this is going to be a long post!! so I will start with some scrappy things!!
here is my take on this week's sketch at Elle's studio!! I am crazy about their tags and I looooove their thursday sketches:)

papers My mind's eyes: stella and rose!
butterflies: studio calico in Magpie club may kit!
tags: elle's studio

and now onto more personal things:

we had the best week end going to a safari park in the south of France! the kids were crazy happy seeing lions and otters, tigers and snakes!!

They ended up THAT happy ......................

and THAT dirty!!!

oh yes , it was perfection!

Just one final word my friends!

just to say how happy and blessed I feel to have entered the world of scrapbooking and blogging a bit more than a year ago now: I made so many friends and I find it amazing to communicate in a foreign language with so many talented and wonderful ladies!

this afternoon I recieved a parcel from Nashville (I mean : how cool is that when you live in a small toaw in France !!!) form my dearest friend Sheri! she is probably the nicest person on the surface of this earth: look at what she included for me :

that put a grin on my face for the rest of the day!!

thank you Sheri!!

and thank you to all of you who come and visit and sometimes comment !!


bonsoir amis francophones!!
un post un peu long pour parler de scrap, de Peaugres ce week-end et d'une surprise reçue des USA dans ma boite aux lettres!

Pour le scrap voilà ma participation au challenge sketch de la semaine sur le blog de Elle's studio.

Pour une note plus personnelle:
le samedi à Peaugres a été fabuleux! les enfants ont adoré et je conseille le périple à tous ceux qui ne sont pas trop loin de l'Ardèche!!

merci de votre visite et à bientôt!!

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh yay! I was wondering if you received the package! I'm so glad you liked it! Love you girl! I'm your biggest fan!

  2. fabulous layout. fabulous. Looks like the park was a total blast. enjoy your wednesday

  3. Très jolie ta page, les couleurs ressortent bien sur le cardstock blanc ! un vrai bonheur pour les yeux.
    Super le zoo, dommage que ce soit loin de chez moi, mais j'ai prévu d'aller au zoo de Lisbonne cet été.

  4. Gorgeous layout. Beautiful work!
    Gr. Karina

  5. Keep up the good work. You are so talented, and I love seeing your pages on the blog


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