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mercredi 24 novembre 2010

today I am thankful for:

comfort! I feel so lucky to be able to be comfortably sitting at my desk , in a warm room, when it is freezing outside and some people don't have the means to heat their house. So I am thankful for that today!

Today I would like to share another humble tutorial with you!
I made this christmas wreath out of Making memories papers, lots of
Elle's studio elements from their advent calendar pdf files you can find here and some other embellishments.

The wreath in itself is made of 10 sheets of scrapbook paper , folded and slid one into the other. It is very easy to make:

  • fold the sheet in 2 to create a cross with the folds on your sheet:

  • then fold both top corners down

  • then fold the bottom of the sheet up to the center:

  • then open the bottom part again and fold again so that the first fold meets the center of the sheet:

  • Then turn the paper over and fold the corners that are sticking out:

  • finally fole the big triangle in 2 so that you end up with :

when you have finished , I advise you stapple the bottom so that the triangle doesn't open up

  • then slip another sheet identicaly folded inside the first one where my finger is and so on.

You can add a piece of paper to create a the background , or a photo or both!!
have fun and enjoy!

AND I got these today from Jessica Sprague online shop: so yummy!!!!

I will soon add them to my december daily!!

I would be so pleased to see what you have come up with! leave me a link! hope this tutorial was helpful! do ask if you have any questions! and have a great day!

amis francophones bonjour!
aujourd'hui je vous livre ma version de la couronne de noël, vue dans le dernier hors série de Esprit scrapbooking. Je vous propose aussi un petit et très humble pas à pas perso. J'ai utilisé des éléments du calendrier de l'avent de Elle's studio design que vous pouvez trouver ici.
Le papier est la collection de noël de Making Memories et j'ai ajouté d'autres petits embellissments!

voilà! la semaine passe à une folle allure et il fait très froid dehors!! de quoi rester bien au chaud avec les loulous!!

bonne journée !

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  1. thank you so much for a wonderful tutorial!
    This looks wonderful!
    you are one very clever lady!
    off to have a look at your blog!!


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