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mercredi 8 septembre 2010

This year the major change in my time table is that i do not work on wednesdays!! which means i can stay home with the kiddos and enjoy taking time
1. to take breakfast , while reading "eat , pray , love" ( so fantastic!!)
2. to play and get dressed

3. to do some food shopping!
4. eat outside under the trees to enjoy september sunshine
5. to read long stories before naptime
6. to feed my blog!! and scrap!!!!
7. to do some cleaning up in my scraproom!

so many blessings!!!!

Here are some layouts I want to share with you!
tThe first one I made for Creative scrappers.
I have applied to be part of their DT so I hope Kristine (the founder) likes it!! I shall have an answer by september 15th!
I wanted a "man" kind of atmosphere. I don't usually use black backgrounds so i am not sure if it really works! you tell me!
Everything is from my Magpie Club august kit, which i am having sooo much fun to play with!

The second layout is also about our holidays!
love the photo of my kiddos on this big funny italian bike!
I just adore Italy and the dolce vita!

Everything is Jenny Bowling except for the ELLE's studio journaling card and the american craft alphabet.

Hope you have a great day too!! and thank you for your lovely comments!! I feel so happy reading them !!

en français! merci pour vos adorables commentaires!!

voilà donc deux pages faites d'abord pour le site creative scrappers (j'ai répondu à leur appel de DT et j'espère être choisie! on verra ça le 15 septembre!) et une autre page que j'adore avec les produits Jenny bowling studio sur nos vacances en Italie!

Aujourd'hui et pour la première fois de ma carrière je profite de mon mercredi et du plaisir de prendre le temps de m'occuper tranquillement des enfants sans me presser.
Du temps pour eux et pour moi: le rêve! passez aussi un bon mercredi et merci de votre visite!

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  1. je croise les doigts pour ton appel à la Dt
    de jolies pages pour de jolis souvenirs


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