{ Double Gauze Mini Marthe }

lundi 9 février 2015

 I am pretty smitten about anything Cotton and Steel make!
I had never sewn with double gauze but when I saw they were making the Bespoke collection, I was hooked!
This color is so happy, so spring-like, I had to have it to fight the winter gloom.

 At first I intended to make a skirt out of it for myself but it is so soft that I thought it would be better on my girl's skin!
And now she won't take her Mini Marthe off!

This pattern is the perfect blouse for girls. I like the loose look and the plunging waistline. 

But as I said before, I think it is a shame that RDC do not make more detailed patterns. If you are a beginner, you would need to look into other sources in order to find out how to gather, or how to add bias to the neckline, or even how to create the closure at the back.

I think I am used to more detailed patterns, and even though I know how to do all of  these steps, still, I like to have them explained in a pattern. Because, sometimes it is a way to learn new techniques. And I am a learner!!

 However, the fit is great ; I cut in 8 for my 8 year old. It is a quick sew, altough I took my time with this one, again, not wanting to damage that gorgeous gauze. It is easy to sew, but it looks so precious! The only thing that I would say is that if your thread really matches your fabric and that you use a small length for your stitches, you might find it difficult to use your seam ripper without damaging the fabric. But it is not like I ever use my seam ripper!!:) ahem!!

 Of course this blouse is perfect for a dance!!:)

 In other news, we are on winter break and I am taking the kids to the slopes daily for skiing lessons this week. The weather has been glorious so far and they are enjoying themselves.

I get to watch them from the terrasse of a café when it is sunny enough!How french is that!!??
 I have some time for myself to mark worksheets or read... and it is very very enjoyable!!
I don't ski, like AT ALL! I was raised far far away from the mountains in the glorious hills of French Provence, in the middle of the lavander fields. I tried skiing twice, and let's say that is is better if I never try again!!:)

Have yourself a great week!

Hey:) did you see that I am now on Instagram!! more on that soon!

12 commentaires:

  1. Perfect fabric for such a beautiful top. I love everything about it.

  2. Gorgeous tunic!
    I love cotton and steel. And now I will have to buy this double gauze too...

  3. love it! great job, perfect fabric for this pattern.
    I need some too.

  4. I really love the tunic. Super beautiful. Today the weather here in Germany is finally better, too. The sun is out after two cloudy weeks! Feels right away so much better.

  5. Beautiful....I've been trying to hold off on that Cotton and Steel Double Gauze, but you're dangling temptation in my way!.
    Very jealous of sitting on the slopes avec un cafe watching my children ski - would love to be doing that too!

  6. Seriously, Sophie, this is so awesome! I thought I had commented already! It is perfection! This is the look I was trying to go for with my pattern Flip and this is so much better than what I did. I LOVE this! That Blandine is a real beauty, too!

  7. gosh, what a beautiful blouse and your daughter looks stunning. The colour is just perfect for her. Sounds like you've found the perfect way to spend your days.

  8. perfect fabric choice for a simply beautiful top! Your daughter looks so pretty wearing it - I hope she loves it as well:) Fun to read of a new pattern that I had not seen yet.

  9. I totally agree with your comment about the pattern. Even if it is a technique I am familiar with, I want the pattern to provide sufficient details and illustrations. Lovely fun dress/top.


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