{ CARGO DUFFLE SEW ALONG : FINALE!! assemble and line your bag }

dimanche 16 mars 2014

YAY!!!!! this is the finale, dear friends!!
Well done to those of you who made it that far!!
Now,  you are ready to assemble and finish your bag:)

 I encourage you to go and check it out before you start!


1. Use a walking foot/ utiliser un pied type pied à quilter
2. Bind gussets before assembling bag / poser le biais sur les soufflets avant d'assembler le sac
 It creates a nice look on the outside
3. Mark a dot 1/2 " away from each corners on front and back/ Marquer un repère à 1/2 pouce des coins du devant et derrière
4. Assemble top and bottom before assembling sides (very important!!) / Assembler le haut, le bas , puis les côtés, dans cet ordre!
5. Before assembling the sides make sure your bottom gusset is balanced on the sides:
6. Set your machine on a small stitch length to enhance durability of bag: I used 1.8
 7. Go slow
8. Use matching threads!
9. Clip corners 
10. Finish seams with zigzag stitch or bind (see what Anna says about that!)

Oh !! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are done!!!

now if you are feeling a bit more adventurous here are a few tips for lining:

2. I added pockets using the pattern I used for my Perfect Tote Bag, pattern by Oh! Fransson

4. I stitched the lining with inside of the bag OUT: lining right side up: it was easier like that:

5. GO VERY SLOWLY for a professional result
6. Use your walking foot / utiliser le pied à quilter
7. I used 2 different colored threads to match my lining and my outer bag.

I added this cute label I got for free in this month's issue of "Love Patchwork &quilting".
And I added contrasting thread for edgestitching,as well as a contrasting zipper.

I handstitched the lining to the 4 corners / J'ai cousu à la main les finissions des soufflets et les attaches aux 4 coins du sac pour que la doublure ne tombe pas:

Well!! I am very happy with this bag! It is very cheerful and perfect for spring!
I do hope my Mama will be happy with it!

Bien: voilà le résultat: je suis ravie: j'espère que ma Mamoune le sera aussi!

Well dear friends! This is the end of this serie! I do hope you enjoyed it and learnt from it!
Thank you so much for following along and sharing your photos and thoughts!
It was such a fun experience for me!
I cannot wait to see all your bags : make sure to add your photos to our Flickr Pool!

I will do a round up of your bags next week-end! SO make sure to come back to see them all!

Chères amies! nous  voici arrivées à la fin de cette série: 
Merci beaucoup d'avoir cousu avec moi! 
J'ai adoré cette expérience!
N'oubliez pas de charger les photos de vos sacs sur notre groupe Flickr. Je me propose de faire un post "résumé" à la fin de la semaine prochaine!

11 commentaires:

  1. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Wow, I am in love with it!! So so so well done Sophie!

  2. Your lining looks fantastic, that's the last step I'm behind but will definitely do it! Love the look of your zippered pocket too. Congrats on a fantastic sew-along! I've done a project that would have been on my to-do list forever otherwise. So Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this Sophie. It has been really fun

  4. Sophie - this is so beautiful I also love your fabric choices! Great job!

  5. Sophie - this was my first sewalong - what fun and I so love my completed duffel. I have already purchased fabric to make four more for birthday/christmas presents - oops - five - have to make one for myself. Also have plans to make the wide version of Oh Franssom's Perfect Tote Bag after seeing the pocket you made AND then viewing the Perfect Tote Bag you made! You are so inspiring!!

  6. Yay! I finally finished last night and posted my pictures to the Flickr page this morning. Thank you so so much for doing the sew-a-long - it really helped me to have some more instructions and photos to look at when sewing this bag. I'm so excited with how it turned out... probably the most complicated thing I've sewn to date! :)

  7. Your duffle turned out spectacular, your mom must just adore it! I loved looking at all the gorgeous bags on the Flickr site, too. I plan on making one of these in the future and it gave me all sorts of ideas for colors and patterns. :)

  8. Beautiful job on your lining!!! Thank you for all the tips. Next time I will reduce my stitch length when assembling the bag - excellent tip.

  9. thank you so much for this sew-along. my bag is finally done - your posts were a great help (and actually gave me the courage to try something like this !)

  10. I love this bag, I sewed one myself only I found that the original designer to be Robert Kauffman (excuse the spelling of his name). I do realize that you made some adjustments,but at the very least wouldn't be considerate to mention his name?


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