{ A thank you note to Jill S., and to all of you }

mardi 28 janvier 2014

  There are some people on the surface of this earth I have never seen in real life, people that are part of my life though, in a funny way. People on boards, blogs, facebook chat. Real people that influence  the way I create.
 I would not be able to name them all here but here are a few names: Jill Sprott (number one inspiration), Christine Middlecamp (the sweetest faraway friend) , Kelly Noel and many others.
Late 2013, I really needed a break from the scrapbooking industry. I could not help compare my creations to others and felt that what I was creating was not good enough to promote the brands I was working for. I felt tired and overwhelmed by job, household chores, motherhood and assignments. 
I thought the best idea was to put a full stop to scrapbooking altogether.

 Last week I posted a congratulation word to Jill Sprott's FB board, in order to celebrate her making the Crate Paper team. I told her I was bummed I left the team just as she made it!!:)
And then this happened: she answered "hope your break will be VERY temporary".
The simple use of this adverb "very" changed it all for me. I realized otehr scrapbookers, ones I admire, did care for my creations and thought I had talent.

From that I decided to resume my scrapbooking endeavours! I felt again that urge to create and couldn't resist scrapbooking this day on the slopes!

So what can I say... THANK YOU Jill, thank you to all of you who sent me kind words now and then!

So here is a new page, using Crate Paper Bundle up collection:

Thank you for visiting!
hope you have a great day!

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  1. I've always loved your work, Sophie - but I can totally understand how overwhelming it can be. Always remember that scrapbooking is for YOU and no one else. It's hard to get caught up in design teams and product and deadlines - but ultimately, it's for YOU. :) Happy to see you haven't stepped back forever!!!!

  2. Réponses
    1. thanks! I am still redecorating!! but I wanted a new start for the blog too!:)

  3. I have several of your layouts saved to my computer for inspiration so please don't stop creating. I always look forward to checking out your blog for new layouts.

  4. Jill has very recognizable style. And so do you. I think that says a lot about scrapbooker.

    ps. I didn't recognize you on your new pic)

  5. Bonsoir Sophie! Ravie de vous revoir sur la toile! Evidemment que vous avez du talent! Sinon pourquoi irais-je jeter un oeil sur votre blog chaque soir? Savez vous que j'ai scraplifté plusieurs de vos pages? Ne doutez plus! Bonne soirée Amandine

  6. Quelle belle page colorée !
    La toile nous permet de faire de belles rencontres et évidemment que vous réalisez de magnifiques créations :-) Je m'inspire parfois de vos pages et je me suis lancée dans la couture après avoir vu vos premières réalisations ! C'est normal d'avoir des petits coups de blues. Je n'oublie pas la fois où vous êtes passé sur mon blog après une publication râtée et que vous m'avez dit de ne pas décourager !!
    PS : j'adooore le nouveau design de votre blog !!!

  7. Sophie, please know that you are INCREDIBLY talented and that you inspire ME continually! I, too, sometimes find myself making comparisons to others, but that is a source of unhappiness and anxiety, and that is not good for the soul. It's taken me a long time to realize that I will only be happy if I set my own standards and work toward those. For me, those standards include letting the story and the process take priority. The reason I am drawn to your layouts is because they are lovely to behold but also very genuine. I've never looked at a layout of yours and felt that it was anything less than beautiful.

  8. Hi Sophie! Your layouts have inspired me for years. :) Enjoy your break and hopefully you will enjoy scrapbooking a bit more too.

  9. I think we all do that compare ourselves and never think we are good enough, I have ripped up pages because of this, I am one of your biggest fans so I am so glad you are back I have missed seeing your creations!

  10. Coucou, je pense que chacune d'entre nous a des moments de découragement... Surtout continue à scraper pour toi et comme tu sais si bien le faire ! à ton rythme et quant tu le souhaites. Tu es une merveilleuse ambassadrice... ne l'oublie pas. Suis fan de ta créativité et de toutes tes belles réalisations ! Grosse bise de Belgique

  11. Superbe idée ce nouveau blog! Que de choses sublimes! Créativement talentueuse tu es !


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