Cocoon dress

dimanche 10 janvier 2016

I have long been an admirer of Groovy baby mama and of her perfect sense of style. 
I was thrilled when she released her Cocoon dress pattern, as I could get a bit of her style here at home.

I love the simplicity of this pattern and the fact it can be an autumn/ winter pattern.
Right now that's all I need: simple projects and warm clothes for my kids!
Sewing is very rewarding compared to knitting: I am a slow knitter and a slow sewer, but really you can get a dress in an hour if you sew it... it may take weeks if you knit it!

I chose a quilted sweater jersey, created by the talented Camillette création.
I had used the same fabric in a different colorway for my beloved crop linden, which I wear all the time!

I initially cut a size 8, even though I knew from the sizes table that I should really cut a 6 and use a size 8 for the length! so , obviously, the dress was too wide, so I had to reduce the sides of the skirt part by 2 centimeters.

The shoulders are the cutest!

My girl is so fond of this dress!

Her hair looks awesome on these photos: but I am not he author of this miracle: a friend of mine did it:! I am totally unable to do that ! my hands just won't do it !! even if I try! I guess all they can do is sew and knit!!:) bad mom!!

This girl is killing me! she is so sensitive, so authoritative, so clever, so jealous of her brother, so in love with her brother, so girly yet so fearless..... she is exhausting and I love her to bits! being her mum is my hardest mission, but it  is also making me grow in many ways. I am praying daily for her and for our relationship. I am praying it will bloom in something sweet and secure.

I mostly used my serger for this dress, but I would recommend this pattern for any beginners because it is fast and easy.
The neckline is worked with no neckband: it is the first time I sew one like that, and really I love it!

I am so glad I spent some time sewing this dress today. What a lovely way to spend a rainy sunday afternoon! The satisfaction of making a handmade garment will always bring me such joy! and the look on her face when I handed her her new dress.... unbeatable!

10 commentaires:

  1. I love it Sophie. Very stylish.

  2. Oh Sophie what a great dress! I love it! Also I'm not great at French braiding either- or do you just call it braiding in France? :) but the best is to practice with Tia's hair where everything stays put! It's so much easier to work with! Blandine looks so beautiful in her new dress! ❤️

  3. Oh it's so cute! I love that fabric, seems perfect for the cocoon dress. Your daughter is so beautiful and seems like such a sweetheart! I second Rachel's question about "French" braids, haha.

  4. Great dress and great photos, she's really becoming a lady! And my favourite colour scheme, lol...

  5. Such a beauty ♡ and I'm so glad you like the pattern

  6. Mais elle est est superbe cette robe ! Remarque, sur ta superbe fille tout va bien mais là je dois dire qu'entre le tissu et le patron, ça me donne envie de retourner derrière ma machine. Des bises et une très belle année pour toi et ta jolie famille.

  7. The shoulders aren't the cutest. Really... ;-) Open your eyes ! You've got a cuteness itself on these pics.

  8. Coucou, une belle robe avec de jolis motifs, félicitations pour cette chouette confection ; ta petite fille a un si joli sourire… bise


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