{ more selfish sewing... the Nasha (mini) skirt }

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

More selfish sewing ..I do feel a bit bad not sewing much for my kids right now. 
Winter is very cold here and I find few winter patterns for children that suit my tastes. I am looking forward to spring and summer!

I need some garments for my wardrobe and I loved this pattern so much I HAD to try out!

Inspirée par Julie de Jolies Bobines, j'ai eu envie d'essayer le très moderne et très stylé patron de la jupe Nasha par Named. 

Un patron qui me faisait un peu peur a priori mais finalement, en 5 heures environ, j'ai réussi à coudre cette jupe et je me suis vraiment appliquée pour les finitions. 
The  Nasha skirt by Named  is indeed a very attractive pattern.
 I love the cool details: diagonal cut in the front and triangle at the hem. How cute??! I was first inspired by Julie's version.

It may look a bit scary to sew, but really, it is not. 
Just take your time to sew the front diagonals, so that the two ends of the triangle are well alined. 
I cut my fabric and prepared all the pieces (including the interfacing...) on friday night. Then I had about 3 hours of sewing on saturday. My children played together for a very long time !
On monday night I finished sewing the lining to the skirt. 
On tuesday night I finished the details. So I think altogether it took 5 hours of sewing, and I am a very slow sewer, promised!

However it is not the kind of pattern in which you can skip part of the instructions!! oh no!! you have to follow carefully. 

I love that the skirt is fully lined and I worked hard on the finishing touches using my beloved serger. Yes! Even the seam allowances HIDDEN inside the lining are serged!! 

When I sew garments for myself, I like to take more time on the finishing touches. I want my handmade clothes to look as good (or even better :) than the ones one can by from shops. I also know that they will be worn longer than my kid's clothes who outgrow theirs quite fast. It is an investment that requires a bit more time and attention.

I also love that sewing with care gives me the peace of mind I need after a long day at work. Sewing is meditation in action! 

For the lining I used the last piece of my favorite Catnap print (oh! how I love this collection!). 
The main skirt is made out a very beautiful wool flannel.

I knew the waist would be a bit too wide, BUT I also knew I did not want the skirt to be as mini as it was supposed to be.So I left the waist as it was because I wanted to wear it low waist.
I am happy with the result as the skirt does not end up being too short.

La jupe est entièrement doublée et je trouve ça très beau au final. J'ai coupé en 38, en sachant très bien qu'il aurait fallu un 36 pour la taille. Mais, comme je ne voulais pas porter la jupe aussi courte que sur le modèle d'origine, et que je voulais donc la porter taille basse, j'ai gardé la taille en 38.

 My next project will be dedicated to Blandine. I promised her a vintage looking "Frozen" dress for carnaval and I will have one week to complete it ! The project includes white nicky velvet and fur.... impossible mission!
size: 38 worn low waist  (I am 1m 71) 
fabric: Catnap lining chez Hawthorne Threads , main fabric: wool flannel chez Cousette

6 commentaires:

  1. Waaauw, I'm checking out this pattern right away! I really love it, such a nice twist, this diagonal seam.

  2. awesome, sophie! this looks great on you! it makes you look curvy in a really good way!

  3. You look sooo good. This perfectly suits your style.

  4. Your selfish sewing really suits you! And you sure deserve it! Love handmade clothes!

  5. exactly what Rachel said! Love the fabric and the shape is very flattering.


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