mercredi 9 avril 2014

Well ! I did it! I sewed with Jersey!! yay!!
well it did take a test version thrown in the bin and a lot lot lot of swear words!! but I did make it!!

My machine was kind of "eating" my fabric when I used my walking foot.
SO I changed foot and then I was literaly saved by a tutorial by Jess of the Sewing Rabbit advising to use paper under your fabric as you sew!! and it was a HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA moment!
No more swear words! no more puckers! it all went smoothly!! 
thank you Jess! you are the best!

Bon ça y est je me suis lancée: j'ai cousu avec du jersey!! 
Bon je ne vais pas vous mentir: au départ : le cauchemar total! 
Ma première version test a fini à la poubelle et je crois avoir utilisé l'ensemble du panel de gros mots que j'ai à mon actif!!

Mais après avoir recommencé, changé de tissu, de pied sur ma machine et après avoir lu ça: tout c'est soudain éclairé!!:) 
Alors j'ai réussi à coudre un Figgy Celestial Tee, inclus dans le Perfect pattern parcel 2. 

I made the Figgy Celestial Tee included in the Perfect Parcel 2: 

 I used this very sweet and fresh jersey that is not too stretchy and I love it!

I love the plunging back hem line: so modern if you ask me!
j’adore la ligne plongeante du dos: super moderne!


AND I used a double needle for the first time!! this thing is so awesome!!
Et j'ai utilisé une éiguille jumelé pour la première fois! le coup de foudre autant vous dire!!:)

 oh yes another happy moment!

Now onto the second garment: I finished the Knight Hoodie for my cousin's son: you can see the version I made for my son here. This one uses the exact same fabric (as requested by my cousin!) it is a size 6 and it is all finished :

Mon deuxième projet de la semaine  est également fini: un deuxième sweat chevalier , celui est une commande de ma cousine : taille 6 ans, dans le même tissu :

 and ready to ship:
prêt à être envoyé:
well that was a busy beginning of the week! 
I will be very busy at work until thursday! 
I think my next project might be a Hanami dress... mmm. thinking!  

9 commentaires:

  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing this with us! I've got it scheduled to post to our social medias this evening! I know the joy of championing sewing with Jersey. Nice work. And, that Knight hoodie is quite epic.

  2. waw! it s great! where did you find the jersey?

  3. I love to sew with jersey. It takes some getting used to it, but then it's so much fun. and the clothes are much more forgiving than those out of woven fabrics. and the kids love to wear them...

  4. I have some projects with knits, I've tried before but have never used the double needle. You encourage us to try new things! Love the hoodie!

    1. yes Sonia! do try! All you have to do is follow your machine manual! go for it! my belief is: never quit, never fear!!:=)

  5. Coucou, je suis jalouse hih, tu couds trop trop bien ! C'est vrai que ce n'est pas facile de coudre dans le jersey mais au final tu t'en sors admirablement bien ! C'est un ensemble superbe ! bravo, bise du vendredi

  6. Sophie - I really think your hoodie is the best I've seen - so well sewn with the perfect color choice. Love the packaging!

  7. Superbe ... comme à ton habitude !
    Moi aussi, je vais bientôt tester le jersey... ça me tente depuis trop longtemps :)


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