{ SALLY DRESS / take 2 using Catnap by Lizzy House }

dimanche 2 février 2014

I did make the second Sally dress, using the fabric I had bought for it.
 I cut it in size 6 this time and it is a much better fit!
I must say it is so adorable on my little princess!

see her happy eyes??

I made contrasting pockets with a pink/coral fabric from the line.

 She loves dancing in it!

 It is cold outside! but she was ok to put some tights on and go out in the cold so that her"sew crazy" mama could take a bunch of photos!!

 Lizzy House holds a dress making contest using her cat fabric and I did apply with this dress.
 I know it is not perfect in any way, but if ever I could win a whole bunch of Catnap fatquarters, 
 I would be such a happy sewer!!:)
What do you think?

What is on your sewing machine right now? A dress? a quilt? I would love to know!
have yourself a happy sunday. 

bonjour à tous!
et voici ma version 2 de la robe Sally, coupée dans le tissu que j'avais prévu au départ.
 Le tissu Catnap de Lizzy House. Une pure merveille. J'ai taillé en 6 ans, et c'est bien mieux. 
Lizzy House organise un concours de robe cousue avec ses tissus et même si la mienne n'est en aucun cas parfatie, je me lance quand même. L'appel du tissu-cadeau! 
Passez un beau dimanche!

7 commentaires:

  1. Hi Sophie. Thank you for your comment on my blog! You are a no-reply blogger so I could not email you back so I popped over to your blog from your link at Sew Mama Sew. I am so glad I did because I love this little dress. I must make one sometime soon for my little daughter who is 5 years old. :)

    1. HI Anita!!thank you for letting me know I was a no reply! I solved that problem now! thank you for your visit on my blog!

  2. What a pretty dress and a beautiful little girl! That's one of my favorite collections that's been released recently and would love to make myself a dress out of the one with all the cat's faces. Good luck in the contest!

  3. adorable dress!! winning fabric would be so fun...i hope you win some fat quarters!!!

  4. Coucou, ta petite fille a des yeux magnifiques ! Cette 2e robe est aussi belle que la première... et est portée avec fierté ! bravo bravo, bisette du soir


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