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lundi 27 mai 2013

I continue with my "old" layouts published last year in Esprit Scrapbooking , for this article I wrote about titling: I did not own a Cameo back then and cut the title with my sharp knife.

For some reason I ADORE this layout: it is really one of my favorite ever! lots of Amy Tan there!
you can not really see the journaling but it is lyrics from a song called "yellow" by Coldplay:
"look at the stars, look how they shine for you
and everything that you do, cause you are all yellow!
and you know , you know I love you so
for you I'd bleed myself dry..."
this is my boy's song, for his blond hair melt me !

hope you like it too!:)

sometimes I feel  my creativity is not so effective right now and that I used to have so many cool ideas before! I don't think I could make such a cool page ever again!
Do you think creativity can fade and leave us helpless and boring?? this is how I feel right now sometimes.


je continue avec mes pages "rétrospectives" , pages faites pour mon article dans Esprit Scrapbooking l'année dernière. Je crois que c'est une de mes préférées , peut-être à cause de toutes ces couleurs et de la couture, ou peut-être à cause de la photo de mon fils qui me fait fondre à chaque fois. 
Beaucoup de Amy Tan de l'époque ! et des paroles d'une chanson de Coldplay pour journaling "yellow". 

je vous embrasse!

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