{AMERICAN CRAFTS 2012-2013 / Jamais 2 sans 3!!

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

I truly believe in this:

most certainly! 
 (source : pinterest)
That is why I am happy to share this with you:

Allison Waken - from Phoeniz, AZ
Amy Heller - from Newtown, CT
Andrea Budjack - Orlando, FL
Angie Gutshall - from James Creek, PA
Becky Williams - from Wolfforth, TX
Carina Lindholm - from Koping, Sweden
Corrie Jones - from Dallas, GA
Erin Stewart - from El Paso, TX
Heather Leopard - from Cypress, TX
Jenny Chesnick - from Brooklyn, MD
Jill Cornell - from Windsor Heights, IA
Kimberly Neddo - from Bigfork, MT
Leah Farquharson - from Lauderhill, FL
Leslie Ashe - from Fort Worth, TX
Lilith Eeckels - from Bertogne, Belguim
Melissa Mann - from Pensacola, FL
Michiko Kato - from Japan
Monika Glod - from Krakow, Poland
Paige Evans - from South Pasadena, CA
Patricia Roebuck - from Mandeville, LA
Sophie Crespy - from Saint Jean De Maurienne, France

ok! how AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!
I did a giddy dance in my studio for ages when I got THE email from the AC team!
And hey! I am the only french girl here!!
I am so  so proud, so happy and a bit in shock!!
 I have admired all the ladies on that list for years and now my name is also on this list!
This is the chance of a lifetime! Thank you AC!!
Ok!! I promiss this is the last annoucement from me for this term!!
now you and I just have to wait for all the new collections!
I will be back soon with my first Elle's Studio's Layouts!
have a great day and 
bonjour amis francophones!
promis c'est ma dernière annonce de la saison! et oui jamais 2 sans 3! 
AMERICAN CRAFTS les filles!!! je suis sous le choc!
ma joie est immense car comme beaucoup j'ai rêvé de cette équipe depuis longtemps!
que dire...
Dallas, Brooklin et .... saint jean de Maurienne!! hihihi!!
Je suis aux anges!
merci de partager mes joies avec tellement de gentillesse!
Maintenant il va falloir attendre les nouvelles collections.
Je reviendrai bientôt avec mes premières pages pour Elle's Studio

19 commentaires:

  1. Waouh!!!! félicitations pour tout ça, c'est mérité! Maintenant il ne te reste plus qu'à gagner les 13 millions de ce soir!

  2. Bravo Sophie, je te le redis ici: c'est amplement mérité, tu es très talentueuse♥

  3. Yay!! Super big congrats to you! :)

  4. Oh my goodness Sophie! I was so happy when I went to AC's blog and saw your name listed...somehow I just KNEW you would be there, even though I had no idea you submitted! You are a perfect fit! So proud for you! Congratulations, you deserve it!

  5. Congrats Sophie! You are on a roll and totally deserved because you are AWESOME!

  6. I told you you would make it. Troooop contente d'être avec toi! Maintenant en mode scrap car avec les 3 DT il y a du boulot mais c'est si gai!!!!! Félicitations!

  7. What great news!! Excited to work with you! You make beautiful creations! welcome to the team!

  8. c'est génial !! bravo à toi ton talent est bien récompensé !!! amuse toi bien :-)

  9. CONGRATS! So excited to get to work with you!

  10. Oh Sophie! I sooo excited to be on another team with you! Your work is so inspiring!!! Congrats!

  11. I knew you'd be on this team! It was written in the Wind, my friend. I am so extremely happy for you. Wow, you'll be busy this fall... Hope you'll still have time to stop by and say hi :-)
    And can't wait to see your creations. You totally rock!
    I know you'll have a great weekend. Hé hé

  12. Wahouh!! Quel succés! Tu ne t'arrêtes plus!! Félicitations: ton talent mérite largement tout ça! Bravo!

  13. this is SO Well deserved my French friend! :) CONGRATS I'm THRILLED!!

  14. Congrats!! Love that we will be working together again!!

  15. Wouahoo Crate Paper + American Craft !!! Felicitations encore une fois, tu as un vrai talent tu le merites !

  16. Huge Congrats Sophie! it's no surprise that you were chosen, you do amazing things with AC.

  17. FELICITATIONS pour cette nouvelle DT qui était faite pour toi ;-)


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