lundi 12 mars 2012

 I loved the Lily Bee Journaling cards in the main Scrapbook Circle  kit this month: so fresh and pretty.
I thought they were perfect to create a kind of catalogue

I decided to use them to illustrate the way his new hair cut turned my baby into a boy!!
The blue carstock is form the add-on kit ! great fun color!

I combined the journaling cards with the Dear Lizzie stickers which are soooooooooo lovely and bits from this paper:

My journaling is hidden in the card included in the kit:

 Here is the result:
" three steps to turn a baby into a boy"

have a great day!

bonjour amis francophones!
je suis  à la maison. entre deux siestes je vous propose la troisième page faite avec le kit de Mars de Scrapbook circle!
Je me suis amusée avec les cartes des journaling de chez Lily Bee pour faire un petit catalogue!
une page qui parle de la nouvelle coupe de cheveux de mon fils!

le journaling est caché dans la carte. 

bonne journée

5 commentaires:

  1. SIGH! Absolutely, amazingly gorgeous! I love every little bit of this!

  2. Superbe !!!
    J'adore cette page qui nous raconte un petit moment de vie !

  3. Wow. What a great layout. Love the colors and All the little details. And the theme and title is awesome!

  4. stunning, stunning, stunning sophie, wow

  5. beautiful layout! And so true! I resisted getting our son's first haircut until he was two because I knew it would make him a little boy - and it did!


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