{ HELLO DECEMBER!! / no photo layout }

samedi 3 décembre 2011

OH I love december!!
I love that it is my birthday on the 10th!
I love getting ready for christmas, its spirit,
I love christmas colors and decorations,
I love how kids get excited!!

and I am a kid too during that whole month!!
so I am ready : done my wish list and sent it to Santa!!

Here is a layout I made , a" no photo payout", which is a rare thing for me!!

Lots of Elle's studio tags here, perfect to document winter memories!
crate paper woodgrain
and yellow paper, maya road craft enveloppes, pebbles flower brads.

Are your lists ready!!??

hope you are getting in the spirit too!

thank you for your visit

bonjour amis francophones!!
oui j'adore Noël et son esprit de fête, j'adore ses couleurs et sa fantaisie, j'adore l'excitation des enfants.

Pour me souvenir de ce Noël j'ai créé une page sans photo qui contient nos listes respectives. Juste pour le fun ,juste pour la mémoire!!


7 commentaires:

  1. working on the lists at my house--GREAT layout--LOVE it!

  2. Awesome no photo layout. I've always wanted to do one of those!! No lists yet!!

  3. This is such a clever layout! What a cool way to use Elle's tags.

  4. I LOVE your non photo layout! the layered scallops and mist and envelopes--love it all!

  5. Love how you didn't put the notes inside the envelopes, but partially outside. So clever!

  6. I love this idea for the lists page. Very cool. I will have to remember this.


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