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jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Honestly I don't think we ever experienced such a cold summer!!

it is terrible to have all this time at hand and have to stay at home watching the rain fall by the window!!
jumper, socks!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!! WE WANT SUMMER BACK!!!
Did you take my summer, wherever you are: give it back RIGHT NOW!!!!

we went to see this really cool bike show in the mountains , but it was really cold!! check out the sky as this bike jumps high!!

I am sharing this layout I did recently:
continuing with my favorite line right now: time flies by!!
I found these booth photos taken 2 years ago for school registration ! she looks like a baby !!

I used American craft peechy keen line! and studio calico's stamp. alpha : october afternoon.

good news are: we are going to a party for the opening of a brand new Italian restaurant in town tonight!! can't wait!! and , yes, I will wear my tights!brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

hope you are warm and safe!

I 'll be back soon with some sneaks of the new Magpie club mini album kit!! it seriously rocks!! I recieved in last friday and spent the entire week-end playing with it!! it is fab!!


bonjour amis francophones!!
si vous avez mon été , rendez-le moi! ici on gèle! il pleut sans discontinuer depuis 5 jours!! je n'en peut plus!!

nous sommes allés voir un rassemblement de motos dans la montagne!!c'était super mais.. regardez le ciel derrière cette moto qui semble s'envoler!!

je vous soumets une petite page! j'ai retrouvé ces photos de ma fille! nous les avions faites pour la rentrée en maternelle il y a 2 ans! comme elle a changé!

en espérant que vous n'êtes pas congelés!

bonne journée

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful page! Love every little detail! And wish we could share some of this summer heat with you...

  2. Hi sweet Sophie! I love your layout (as always), so fresh and colorful! I'd trade our heatwave for your cold anyday.....it's way too hot here right now. Have a great week!


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