{ moo-rvelous sunday!! / un dimanche "vachement " sympa!! }

dimanche 17 avril 2011

Today we went to see the cows !
the kids were really impressed and my boy was "mooing" until he went off to bed!!!!!

we enjoyed some beautiful landscape!!

tell me.. what did YOU do today???

I wanted to thank all of you who left such wonderful comments recently!! and also a big thank you to my new followers!!
please do tell me who you are as some profiles are anonymous.
thank you for visiting this blog of mine!

ps: did you see that Elle's from Elle's studio showed one of my layouts on her blog!!! I was so proud as I looooooooooooooove their products! thank you Elle!!


bonjours amis francophones!!
aujourd'hui nous sommes allés voir les vaches et la laiterie!! l'endroit était adorable et les enfants ravis!! mon garçon a fait "meuh" jusque dans son lit!!!

qu'avez-vous fait de beau aujourd'hui????

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