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dimanche 6 février 2011

In the daily life of a young mother of 2 there are days you think you are not going to make to the end of the day, times you feel so helpless you just want to quit,
and times when everything brightens up, upon a small incident or a kid's word!!

this layout records one of these perfect moments of joy! ! I needed to record it!
it won't make much sense to you english speakers but trust me, we had a laugh!!

I got a huge bunch of goodies from American craft the other day!
they are the most generous people!!

so here is my layout using exclusively city park items and an ELLE's STUDIO journaling card!!

what do you like to record on your layouts? what do you prefer about scrapbooking? design? colors? journaling?

have a fab sunday!!


"Madame chapeau!!" qu'est-ce qu'on a pu rire toutes les deux de cette confusion faite par ma fille!!
il fallait garder une trace de ce fou rire!!
alors voilà ma page, faite exclusivement avec des papiers American craft city park! et une carte ELLE's studio!

bon dimanche!!


6 commentaires:

  1. Love captured moments like these most of all for sure - you are so right about it being great therapy for our mom job! :-)

  2. beautiful sophie, the bright colors are just wonderful! makes me think of springtime. i love this ac line.

  3. i love your layout! it's beautiful!!

  4. wow,this is amazing!!!your work is very beautiful!!
    And i know what you mean..i have 2 little's too (6,3)
    Have a nice day!!

  5. I love this piece! And I agree, there are some days its so tough, then the kid says/does something funny/sweet and everything becomes ok! Take care!

  6. Great layout Sophie. Beautiful!! I try to scrap at least a few of the fun things my children do too. It's hard to fit it all in though. Have a great day!


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