{ look who is 33!!/ dites 33! }

vendredi 10 décembre 2010

Hey! I turned 33 today!! and feel great !

at 33 I ......................
  • love chocolate more than my life
  • can't get round to get organized with house hold chores!!
  • love to drive fast and sing very loud in my small car!
  • spend way too much money on scrapbook supplies!
  • have long hair and want to change haircut every too days!
  • adore disney 's movies, and romantic movies !
  • love eating in front of the TV but only do it when DH is away!!
  • love taking long baths and read in the meantime!
  • love dancing with the kids in the living room!
  • was so excited to decorate the chrismtas tree!
  • love reading your comments!! they always make me feel sooooooooooo good!
  • still believe in my dreams!
and have no layout to share as the sun is coming down so early now and i am just back from work!

we are having a very good dinner tonight! very french! smoked salmon , foie gras and chocolate cake!! and champagne of course!!

so I will be thinking about you all, on the other side of the ocean, on the other side of the planet!! so glad you all came into my life this year!!

bonjour!! aujourd'hui je fête mes 33 ans!!
et j'ai toujours l'impression d'en avoir 20!!
passez une excellente journée!!

6 commentaires:

  1. Encore un joyeux anniversaire ! :) J'espère que ta journée s'est très bien passé !
    Gros bisous à tous !

  2. PS: J'ai mis de nouveaux messages sur mon blog !

  3. happy, Happy Birthday! What a beautiful photo! I loved reading all your loves for this year and seeing your Christmas ornaments. Hope your birthday was wonderful :)

  4. Hello Sophie, Happy Birthday... just love your layouts, they are really the style I love. I am new to the Scrap Tiffany DT and look forward to working together! Krischelle

  5. Joyeux anniversaire Sophie
    encore plein de bonnes choses : du scrap du bonheur avec tes enfants et ton homme !!!
    Bientôt les vacances !!! ca fera du bien
    et bon préparatif pour Noël

  6. happy Birthday Sophie, what a beautiful photo! hope your birthday was wonderful.xoxo


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